There was a recent customer whose product was a fancy shower feature which would have been white noise in their industry if they hadn’t contacted Mechanical Motion Technologies to add our special touch to it.  The special touch was our embedded damping system. It was invisible to the user but the function was apparent.  For the high end consumer function and class is everything. We worked with their engineering department to implement our system which did not take long and we did not impinge on their products aesthetic appeal at all.  Some product like this are visually works of art but also must function reliably. Imagine a shower seat in a very expensive bathroom that slams down into it’s seating position waking everyone in the vicinity of the bathroom and also damaging itself and the wall on which it is mounted?  This scenario does not play well with the discerning consumer.  At MMT we are challenged by our customers to add function, features and a bit of class to their products. A well designed rotary viscous damper or friction hinge can do wonders when applied properly. Why don’t you contact us to see what we can do for you?