A new topic I would like to touch upon because rotary viscous dampers are a perfect fit is using them in a application where the rotating member has a vertical pivoting axis. Doors, panels, security gates and cabinets are some uses. The advantages are have a pivoting member that is slow closing, safe, quite and does not damage a mating panel. One design configuration could be a rotary viscous damper with a torsion spring and one way clutch. The one way clutch would make the panel open easy and when released the torsion spring would engage the clutch to work with the rotary viscous damper, making it a safe, slow close situation. This would be great in entertainment centers where kids go in and get video games and DVD’s. No more pinched fingers or whacked heads. This design can be very slim-line because of the lower torque required.
Also eliminated are those obtrusive hydraulic bumpers that keep the door from slamming. It is now built into the hinge. A tiny poly bumper maybe required to prevent contact between the door and cabinet face, depending upon the application. This conserves much more space. There are many consumer, aerospace, medical and industrial applications we can integrate into.
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