I would like to talk about another real world application that we have designed our rotary viscous damper into and manufactured for a customer.  The application was a waste receptacle lid in an aircraft. The lid of the waste receptacle needed to be pushed down to open and when released would slowly rise so you had time to remove your hand from being pinched. There were also 2 more requirements: the lid could not vibrate during aircraft usage and it must have integrated lid attachments. The way we solved this problem was to use a long slimline extrusion grease housing for damping vibrations and a one-way torsion spring loaded clutch to slowly close the door without noise and abate any vibration. The vibration seen by the lid was transferred to the one way clutch which was attached to a shaft that was dampened with proprietary damping grease. This may sound like a complex situation but actually is very simple, basically the door could move against a torsion spring load in one direction but in the other direction the one-way clutch engaged instantaneously to twist the hinge pin in damping grease. Essentially eliminating the lids ability to vibrate against the stop position.  We would like to hear about your special application so we can engineer and design a solution for you. We are a fully integrate engineering and manufacturing facility able to meet prototype through high volume manufacturing.   Please visit us at