I have been studying the various mechanisms needed to achieve a true long lasting slow close toilet seat. For years a few high quality seat makers have produced mechanisms that were purely mechanical to achieve a slow close seat. When I say slow close what I am really saying is ” a seat that easily is pushed by the user;  the lid and ring fall but do NOT hit each other and oscillate and closes silently AND works exactly the same if you lift it 30 degrees from the porcelain surface”  Some other design requirements are that the unit has a very long cycle life 200k-400k+, also is a universal fit for traditional wooden, heavy seats.  You may wonder why these are important to me.  I have seen the designs of the mechanisms made by others and have tested them.  For a 2 child household none of them lasted more than 6 months.  The reason for this is due to the fact that engineers and designers knew that the mechanism for a real toilet seat must be heavy duty and put up with large loads, no pun intended. If you inspect the mass produced product in the market, you will find that they are designed to handle very light loads, the center of gravity is very close to the pivot point of the seat and the plastic is paper thin.  We are lucky if they last 6 months.  Remember Heavy duty applications usually mean higher prices. The Japanese do not mind the cost, but most Americans do not want to pay more than $5 for a toilet seat!  I have a design which I have perfected to make the perfect slow close toilet seat which won’t break the bank. The heart of the mechanism is shown in the above image. So if you want to reach the niche of Americans who don’t mind spending a little more on a quality toilet seat contact me at and we can do our business, no pun intended.