I wanted to talk a little bit about the complex business of buying from overseas.  Every company talks about it and ponders the advantages and disadvantages.  I believe that a firm truth is “It depends on what you are buying”.  Mechanical Motion Technologies  purchases all raw material and hardware for manufacturing 100% of our product in the USA.  MMT finds better quality, pricing, service and convenience in the US.  Vendors understand the meaning of “doing it right” and we recognize that in all of our vendors.  Yes, temptation to import certain materials exists and we whole-heartedly reject the urge to do it. It is not worth the risk, especially since we service the medical, aerospace, laptop and energy field, just to name a few.  If we were a  manufacturer of throwaway toy type items or non mission critical products we would probably be outsourcing.  Then again,  after experiences with poor overseas quality I don’t know if I would ever outsource anything.  It sounds like I am wishy washy on the subject, huh?  It is a tough decision for some because of their competition and tiny profit margins.  I believe the wise will find a way to utilize the US for manufacturing and still make a good profit.  Visit us for a quality USA engineered, sourced and made product at www.mmtech.us