Since we work on specific engineering problems that are in a narrow niche we have proprietary processes which are used to achieve optimal solutions.
Our vast experience in motion control and list of high profile clients such as BE Aerospace proves that we can solve your slow close or damped motion problem. Hiring us to work with you to find a solution should not create any trepidation. We proceed as engineering design and manufacturing consultants only when we know it is within our capabilities. To get to the point, we can design, troubleshoot, engineer and provide prototypes to meet your specifications. Basically the whole design and manufacturing process. By covering the spectrum of the product design process you will not have to mass produce with another company. Our product is not the type of engineered device which can be “knocked off” overseas. Asian manufacturers try to consult with us to copy, claiming to be our low cost producer to increase our margin, but we wholeheartedly reject intervention.
We are 100% made in the USA, through and through. It is the best way to service our customers. Please contact us to solve your motion control problem at