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Some applications for a rotary viscous damper are in the automotive factory field.  There are many conveyor belts in use in the mass production of automobiles.  Some specific applications are production lines building fuel pumps to body painting lines.  These  lines need to run smoothly with no jerking action, after all there are safety switches that are subject to accidental vibration. Suppose the switches are too sensitive and  a mild non jamming jolt actuates a safety switch? The line stops and has to be reset  for normal production use.  This just cost time and money. Automotive lines do not like to be taken down at all.   This is exactly where a Rotary Viscous Damper can help.  Switch actuators can be prevent from swinging out of control when a mild non catastrophic jerk is generated is propagated on a production line, preventing downtime and saving money.  Contact us at for help on your specific application. We can help save you money in downtime immediately.