I have scanned the landscape of products which can use Rotary Viscous Dampers (RVD) and friction hinges. I was amazed by the amount of applications that we can enhance.  RVD’s and friction hinges have to be designed into a product intentionally although sometimes the enhanced motion of an RVD is an afterthought and we can accommodate that also. The attributes which our product exhibit are smooth operation, position holding, slow-closing and slow-opening, anti-slamming, vibration damping, light weight, slimline and unobtrusiveness.  Some use the RVD’s and friction hinges as built-in safety mechanism. They are also energy efficient, reusable and easily recyclable. I have build told by many people that the smooth action of an RVD gives a high end feel characteristic which means your final product can satisfy a quality demanding customer. I would like to list a few products that our products already enhance: Laptop computers, drop-down LED screens, electronic circuit boards, medical devices, aerospace panels and airplane interiors, waste receptacle lids, bathroom accessories, automotive applications, head gear hardware, computer equipment, marine applications, corrosive environments, advertising signage and laboratory equipment. The list could go on.  Challenge us with your application today. See us at www.mmtech.us.