As many engineers know vibrations can cause damage in a myriad of ways. We try to mitigate the effect of vibrations using precision rotary dampers because they can fit into small spaces and have a huge benefit to product performance and life.  If you have ever seen the massive linear dampers that are used to protect buildings from the effect of earthquakes you will understand our product. In those dampers they use massive weights to counteract the vibratory waves. We use a viscous fluid to damping the vibratory waves. Of course we work on a much smaller scale. The other difference is the cycle life our dampers are cycled 100’s of thousands of times over their life. Building dampers work during earthquakes only. Some people utilize our dampers because or the multi-function nature of the design.  We can make a rotary viscous damper act like a hinge, vibratory controller and positioning device in one small package.  please visit us at if you have a challenging application for us.