I sometimes get inspired in different situations  for applications for my rotary viscous dampers. I was thinking of a rock concert where I was watching the drummer intently and noticed his technique for hitting and damping the sound of the long decay on large thin cymbals. He would hit the cymbal in the course of a song or solo and them use his hand to damping the decay of the sound waves to give a quick muffled decay.  I noticed the same drummer a few years later (Neil Peart of Rush)  using very small cymbals that would “splash” and decay very quickly.  Well that got me thinking that we could achieve a new kind of quick decay by using a rotary damper in a spherical configuration to slow the decay in a unique way  unlike anyone drumming now. I guess I have a little experimenting to do on my Ludwig drumset pictured above.  I knew I could get a musical idea once in my life! please come see our web site and contact us if there is any application you need to consult us for, it could be music to our ears.  www.mmtech.us