Pictured above is a rotary viscous damper with 2 added options which greatly add to the functionality. The two options are a one way clutch and a torsion spring. The motion is as follows rotating the grey member CCW is easy because the clutch is disengaged and the user only has to apply force to the torsion spring. When manually released the torsion spring reverses the force and engages the clutch and damping feature. This has many advantages, ease of opening , non slamming for safety, door will not vibrate when oscillations are applied, slimline design that is easily hidden and robust long life components that need no adjustment or maintenance.  A few applications can be furniture design, aerospace cabin design, waste receptacle lids, children’s furniture and automotive applications to name a few. We can provide a myriad of adapters to fit this style of damping hinge into different design.  Please contact us at www.mmtech.us for a free consultation.