We revolutionized the rotary viscous damper in the last few years mainly because of customer needs and also due to the fact that I have been watching the engineering industry. Engineering plastics, metals, processing and handling techniques have allowed me to design with tighter tolerances without an appreciable increase in product cost. The ability for suppliers to make quality, precision stock available has given me the headroom to make the slimline rotary viscous damper and friction hinges available. I have seen that the key to providing the slow close RVD is to use a modular engineering design technique in which to work. Off the shelf RVD are fine for the narrow range of applications for which they are designed, but every application is different and I have the edge because of the modular engineering technique. My stable of proprietary processes and flexible modular components lets me customize the product to satisfy customers requirements. That is the core of the process. So when I am asked by a customer that they want a standard off the shelf RVD I explain the flexible modular component technique. So no matter how strange it sounds, Mechanical Motion Technologies’ Standard RVD are custom designs, but without the lead-time to develop a new product from scratch. Advancements in fluid technology has had a significant impact on RVD, it helps in fine tuning some damping characteristics which applications demand. Applications which are exposed to a harsh and variable environment benefit from advances in fluid technology, we continue to formulate and experiment with these new shear stabilized fluids. Please visit us at www.mmtech.us where we can satisfy your engineering requirements. Our in-house manufacturing, QC and production facilities are ready to serve.