Most engineers into innovation will laugh at that statement because of how ludicrous it is. It is purely a condescending attitude that “my job is tough” and all the engineer has to do is play on their CAD system and out pops innovation. Since the software costs $5000-$25,000 per seat it must be doing the engineers work for them. “Computers are smart”. the engineer just pushes buttons. I don’t mean to sound negative but it is very prevalent in the workplace. I have come across requests for damping hinges and some people think “well you have designed a 5 in-lb one , then a 50 in-lb one is 10 times bigger”. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. One size (or design) does not fit all. This is why we have to design custom systems at Mechanical Motion Technologies to solve slow-close lid problems. Please visit us at to tackle your damping and friction hinge problem.