In order to move and grow a company successfully is to separate your products from your competitors. We cannot rely on purely tried and true configurations to grow in the industry. New technology must be in the mix to create products that add value and performance to leap ahead of your competitors.

As an engineering firm with many years of success we see too many companies not taking the leap to launch R&D enterprises in parallel with current products. Initial costs are higher, but when you can offer a new product with a value added feature or even a feature to add class or functionality to your product line, customers will notice. Most of the time the need to solve a problem yields a new product opportunity. It could open avenues to increase your product line, increase revenue and help you rise above your competitors. Our rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges are truly unique to the industry. This is why we succeed.

At Mechanical Motion Technologies we perform R&D for you. We also validate and verify performance to save you money; all with an eye towards streamlined production.

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