Since we are a custom design engineering company we are expected to be very flexible on our approach to satisfying the customers design requirements. Our friction hinges and viscous rotary dampers are usually an afterthought in a system design that the original engineer glossed over.
Usually the engineer has other design issues that are slightly more pressing. Our products are usually the icing on the cake to really make a final design standout as high quality. Our preferred design process is to be consulted early on, since we have experience in every phase of engineering, we know exactly how and when to interject ourselves into the process, if early consultation is not done. Our experience in design for ease of assembly and manufacturability is the one of the many services we offer. This could be very economical for the customer. One of the most frustrating things that faces engineers who are well versed in concepts is that a manufacturable design could be far off or even impossible. Mechanical Motion Technologies can help guide you from a pencil sketch concept to a successful final design very quickly.