Household vacuum cleaners have always gotten my interest.  When I was a kid I would watch this monster get pushed around the house before a party or holiday. It roared and suck dirt and sometimes the bag would pop and spew dirt, as a kid you had to be fascinated. Who would invent such a device? What was its purpose. I guess these curiosities about this mechanical wonder got the best of me and I became an engineer to invent things, improve thing and learn about how and why everything worked. I laugh now because of the all the vacuums on the market, colors with a space age look and tons of engineering under the hood. Yet, they still all clog and eventually need some maintenance.  I remember my grandmother’s vacuum: what a solid steel beast that was, it actualy still works but probably is electrically inefficient. Well I did not become an engineer to reinvent the perfect vacuum cleaner, but the I had the fascination that I could make a difference and invent stuff for people and industries that make products better, more efficient, and indispensible.  I have noticed that when someone sees my rotary viscous damper designs they always have an application in mind. I love that. I don’t mean only customers but people at conventions, friends, family and aquaintances.  Our rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges have many applications and we would love to hear from you. VIsit us at maybe you have an application,