The products Mechanical Motion Technologies develops for customers are precision devices engineered for specific applications. Yes, it is very true that you can make a mechanism for a specific purpose and have someone come along and say.”hey, this is great I can use this here” only to find some tweaking can really  get it to work in their new application.  In the world of controlled motion using purely mechanical devices there’s this little thing call the”coefficient of friction”.  This is truly a variable which you can chase after as an engineer and try to tame it to be a constant you can rely on to make your friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers consistent from part to part.  Mechanical Motion Technologies has spent many years creating mechanisms which manipulate and minimize the variability of the coefficient of friction to benefit the end product. Special processes, heuristics  and certain operational sequences are what make our products stand out from the crowd.  We like to achieve the optimal balance of Price,Quality and Speed for each customer.  If you have an application like a laptop, medical device, medical machinery or any product which has a pivoting member that you want to control reliably at a low cost please contact us at  Let our experience go to work for you.