I have been contacted by a very reputable company in a country that is famous for US outsourcing, Their project consists of a design that has been pretty much obsolete for approximately 10 years. It appears that they have a friction hinge system that in theory should work but in reality has a very unreliable history and no one uses the design in their final product. They reason for this unreliability is excessive pressure between metallic components and the components used are not really meant for a dynamic cycling product. Mechanical Motion Technologies has an array of slow close damping systems, friction hinges and various combinations to meet most customers requirements. Our rotary viscous damping also can be used in systems where a motor has been used previously( slowly lowering of a heavy LCD).  In this particular case our device actually is an energy saving device.  I guess we can classify this as a Green Product. Contact us with your specific application and we will use our many years of engineering experience to help you succeed and save money at the same time. Contact us at www.mmtech.us.