One of the newest products we have developed addresses an age old problem: bathroom stall door slamming.  Most commercial and industrial bathrooms  have steel doors, wooden or some dense plastic that will slam shut when the occupant leaves.  Our new hinge includes a feature to apply damping in the last 30 degrees of rotation to prevent a devastating slam.

Throughout the world bathroom doors vary greatly in design. In the US doors are steel clad, painted or slab plastic. The hardware takes a beating especially the locking mechanism. In other locations the doors can be a large wooden door weighing 40 -50 kg. The dampers can help these doors and hardware from destroying themselves.  It’s also a safety concern when someone gets hit with a 50 kg fast swinging door. The mechanism which closes bathroom stall doors is a cam which raises the door up on its pivot axis when the user rotates . When the door is released it pivots down the cam and accelerates to slam the door.  In a general sense the technology can be applied to most swinging panels or objects in industrial, commercial or residential applications. Contact us with your application and we can discuss solutions.