Some critical elements of furniture for the workplace, airplane, home and school is something that gets overlooked initially when considering a new design. Furniture must be comfortable and not cause the user undue strain, pain or any discomfort. For example a headrest in an office chair must be easily adjustable by the user, usually when they are sitting in the chair. Nobody wants to have to twist a locking knob to move a headrest component. A friction hinge that is easy to move and stay put when adjusted to a comfortable position is a great solution.  The costs are not overwhelming in the least. Actually there are less parts, which indicate less cost and complications. As a designer we should have a high quality friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers on our mind when formulating a new design; I know it will result in a happy customer. Contact us at 203-406-7900 for a free consultation on the best route for your ergonomic design.

Friction Hinges Aid Ergonomic Design?