Individually, friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers perform a basic function that each was designed to do efficiently.
But each of these units can be combined with options into a system which can turn the product into a real value added feature for your specific application. Some of these added features can be springs, hard stops, one way clutches, bumpers and cams just to name the most popular. One example is a torsion spring loaded rotary damper with a one way clutch. A kitchen garbage lid could utilize this style of rotary viscous damper to make the lid easy to open and the close slowly to prevent slamming and also to give the user time to pull their hands away without being pinched. The sky is the limit when it comes to the myriad of applications. I wish I could think of them all. If you have an application that has a lid that needs to stay in position or move in a controlled motion please contact me to discuss the possibilities. Using our product may give your product the added features to dominate your market. www.mmtech.us