I would like to share a recent conversation that I had with a President of a medium sized company that I thought could benefit from my rotary viscous damping. He was a leader in his industry and trying to expand his company. The only reason he was trying to expand his company was due to the fact that competitors were eating away at his core business and his profit margins were getting smaller. So his actions at this point were purely reactionary. He was taking the usual cost cutting steps of a short sighted company desperate to keep the business profitable, cut out all engineering R&D, barebones staff, replace all very experienced intelligent, product inspiring people with kids out of college. All he wanted to do was bolster sales of his low profit margin product by pushing sales hard. Now, I am all for hiring young engineers and mentoring them to build up their experience, but you don’t fire all your experienced people first and then hire the young inexperienced engineer. Who will show them the ropes to get a good running start? Engineers need to train engineers, plain and simple. When his margins are paper thin, maybe he will hire an experienced engineer. It could be too late. America was built on ingenuity, when those new innovative products need to be conceived, will business owners be ready to fund them? Rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges continue to evolve, their applications are almost limitless. These products can enhance an existing product or inspire a whole new line of products. So go to www.mmtech.us to see what we can offer you. You never know if we could inspire a new product or change functionality to an existing one.