Translating information from non engineering type people to engineers is always a challenge especially when the person with the product idea has never worked with an en engineer who has gone through the process many times. Usually the idea man has a specific idea, function and type of motion that they would like to see in the final product.  We try to translate their idea into our engineering language and use feasible mechanical elements in a way which solves their problem. MMT focuses on keeping solutions simple and costs within budget, if one exists. This interaction between customer and engineer is critical because slight differences can lead to an infeasible solution.  MMT tries to focus the customer on the real world results of all the potential solutions to their problem. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of every solution given.  This information must be presented clearly using diagrams, pictures, video and engineering data.  Since we design rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges visual aids are very important because seeing a video of the desired motion can put the customer at ease.  Contact us at to talk about your application.