We have and always will be a US only company. It may be difficult to believe but it’s true and we intend to stay that way. Going to China is an un-necessary evil which will only create major problems in the future, especially IP (intellectual property) problems. As someone who is our customer this should be good news. All of our IP and any relevant trade secrets related to the technical aspect of our property is kept off the grid.  Due to the world-wide hacking issues we had no choice; this also protects any data transferred to Mechanical Motion Technologies from our customers. We remain vigilant in maintaining IP security and hope our customers understand the significance.  When you approach us for mission critical designs you can be sure it remains secure. We remain 100% on American soil and in-house for all critical aspects of design, testing and manufacturing. Please see us at www.mmtech.us for your next rotary viscous damper or friction hinge design. It is safe in our hands.