We specialize in damping hinges for slimline applications and in harsh environments. The reason for this niche we carved out is to present a highly engineered product that is in demand that works as required by the customer. A slimline application is one that I define as having a small profile almost the same size as a passive hinge would fit into. A harsh environment can mean, temperature extremes, corrosive chemical, wash down conditions & rough load handling.  Of course you must say to yourself how can your product achieve all these requirements, it sounds too good to be true.  The answer lies in making a priority list of requirements and  putting them in order of the features that are the most desired on down. We can give torque specifications at RPM’s at specific temperatures but sometimes to a product designer that means close to nothing.  Sometimes the requirements are presented as: “the product weighs 4 lbs and must not slam” or the “panel must not vibrate while the motor is running”.  We usually dig deeper into the application and root out information to design a Rotary Viscous damper to meet the critical requirements. We listen to the customers requirements carefully and translate that into a valid engineering specification. See us at