One of our specialties as a friction hinge and rotary viscous damper manufacturer is the corrosion resistance feature. I call it a feature because a design focused on real corrosion resistance is vastly different than one not. Special materials and coatings come into play when designing for corrosion resistance. Depending on what harsh environment you are designing for the product to resist dictates the materials and design configuration. For underwater use we would focus on saltwater resistance and infiltration. In a restaurant we would design for wash down possibilities and trisodium phosphate presence. Sometimes if possible we would mask corrosive components of our dampers and hinges with simple shielding to prevent infiltration. Every application is different but our experience in many environments serves as a foundation for a design starting point. We utilize our experience to save design time which saves everyone cost. Contact us to see how we can provide a cost effective solution for your damping hinge or friction hinge application. See some of our previous configurations at