We have been seeing trends in the economy that force the hands of business’s to do some
Maneuvering that they probably did not really want to execute. When I first designed a special product for a large customer he was ecstatic because the product set him far above his competitors,I believe that his business thrived because of my invention, he did pay more for this new technology which no one could easily knock off; but he made huge sales with it. The product he integrated my product into was not the only product his company sold. The economy hit them hard, sales plummeted. For some unknown reason he redesigned the product that my invention was integrated into. He actually had a head turning product, which made him an industry leader and chose to save money and choose a lackluster design product which now probably hurt sales and also hurt the profit margin that he thought he was recouping. Maybe I am not getting the whole story but I see it as a market leader making poor business decisions. Come to www.mmtech.us to see what the universal leader in friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers can do to make you a market leader.