Any production facility involved in stage tooling knows the cost in custom designed and manufactured tools. Tools that are used in assembly processes, quality control, material handling and many other operations can be very expensive to make. If the tools are used in short production runs , these costs factor quite a bit into the final price of the product. Ask any engineer how much a 1 off machined or CNC’d tool costs. Costs involved are design, analysis and machine setup.We have found 3D printing lends an enormous hand in keeping these costs low. Even if the tool is under a high stress process it’s very easy to print another one. ¬†This wasn’t always the case, current engineering printing filaments that can take high loads are very popular now and inexpensive. The cost and time saving benefits are pretty large. We currently use 3D printed testing tools and have saved thousands. Contact us if you want to discuss cost saving techniques for your production area.