We have been experimenting and testing for around a year now and have developed a high cycle life friction hinge that we can print a critical wear components, on a 3D printer. This break through will help product development of laptop computers, and many portable devices. This will be an invaluable Tool in any designers development tool box. We used a delta bot 3D printer because of its flexibility and accuracy to built small intricate parts from many different materials. Companies like filament manufacturerTaulman3d have been providing me with revolutionary materials in which I create my designs for the customer.  Unlike other rapid prototyping processes,  can go into full, high volume production for a new product with only a small farm of deltabots. You may say why not buy an injection mold? The answer is high initial tooling cost and long leadtime. Speed to market and low startup costs can make or break a products success. The finish on a 3d printed part can also be aesthetically pleasing.  Visit us at www.mmtech.us to see how we can help you get your product to market first.